For all of the Disney fans out there, this may be for you! Philadelphia is the land of pop-up bars and restaurants and the latest pop-up that’s making its way into the city is insanely awesome.

This isn’t just your average pop-up bar, though.


This Alice in Wonderland-themed experience is so much more than just a place to have a drink. It’s explained online at that the Alice In Wonderland Cocktail Experience is a 90-minute long trip down the rabbit hole.

I have always loved the vibe of Alice in Wonderland and it’s such a great theme for a bar or show like this.


According to, this is “an immersive cocktail adventure”, which is not something you get to experience every day. The entire “journey” is 90 minutes long while you’re solving riddles and sipping on themed drinks. It’s explained as an almost alternate reality experience with drinks.

How could anything go wrong? During your trip here, you’ll be able to create your own unique Wonderland cocktails, solve riddles and challenges like Alice, devour an “Eat Me” cookie, paint the roses red, and a ton more.

Although Alice in Wonderland is a cartoon, this event is for 21+. Apparently, according to the website, there are family-friendly sessions available that anyone under 21 is allowed to attend. It all kicks off on February 22 and tickets are on sale now!

This experience is $47 per person and is happening Wednesdays-Sundays at Thanal Indian Tavern in Philadelphia, PA.

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