Have you ever been scrolling on your newsfeed and see that all of your friends are posting on their statuses that they want you to follow them on some new app? That's what I've been seeing on my Facebook newsfeed about this new app called Parler. After a few friends, I had to investigate. Thanks to 6ABC, and The Verge I have a better understanding about this app. Here's what I found. 

  • Parler is a free app and it has actually been the number one free app in Apple's free downloads this past week.
  • When you go on the app, there is no fact checking. So people are free to post whatever they like pretty much. There are no restrictions like facebook or Twitter.
  • The app has been around since 2018, but since the recent election, downloads have skyrocketed.
  • If you want to block or filter things you don't want to see, you can.

You can download Parler very easily in the App Store or Google Play if you're interested.

I think I have too many apps on my phone already, so I don't feel the need to add another one, but I feel with the latest election and opinions, people will continue to download this app. Honestly, if it makes people feel better to vent and they will be happier, they can go for it. I feel like people get so angry on social media and I'd rather see happy pictures on my newsfeed instead of so much negative.

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