Apple is ready to help users stay safe and healthy through the Coronavirus pandemic. The latest update includes a feature on the Apple Watch that will let people know how long they have been washing their hands and if it has been at least 20 seconds.

According to, this exciting new feature will be available beginning with the launch of WatchOS 7, the newest Apple Watch model. So the feature will automatically detect when you start washing your hands, and will start timing how long you keep scrubbing. The watch will be able to pick up the sounds of the running water and suds. Cool right?


The new feature will also be used in hospitals and clinics. This will serve as a direct competitor to Android who is currently selling its own tablets and watches in hospitals. According to cnbc, some Samsung products already have similar hand washing tools.

Apple's goal is to help people wash their hands properly and improve handwashing skills in a time where it is crucial. There are other unique ways Apple is promoting social distancing. A new emoji wearing a face mask will be added in the new update. Not only that, you will soon have the option to have your personalized memoji rock as face covering. Shoutout to Apple for trying to help people stay as safe as possible after quarantine is lifted.

What do you think about this update? Are you going to invest in an Apple Watch to see how good your handwashing is?


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