Finding a good car care shop is not easy. Am I the only one that is always questioning if the car care shop actually did my oil change correctly or if they even did it? Maybe I am the only one that does not fully trust the car care shops but either way I am sure there are some great shops out there that are trustworthy.

Speaking of good car care shops it seems like many people in Ewing, New Jersey were pretty upset at the fact that their favorite car care shop was closed down and no one knew what the cause was. Kaplan's Car Care was a Ewing Township favorite and it closed its doors out of nowhere.

What made things interesting was when a Facebook user on a private Ewing Community Facebook group made a random post stating "Could be good news coming soon at Kaplan's Car Care." That left a bunch of other Ewing Community Facebook group members a little confused. Some users even said, "Quit playing games with my heart."

Days after the cryptic Facebook post was made, it was stated by the same user that there will be a new car care shop in Ewing Township. J&A Automotive is the new car care shop in Ewing, New Jersey that will be replacing Kaplan's Car Care.

John Bonaserra is the "long-time Kaplan's mechanic" that is going to the new car care shop in Ewing, according to a Facebook post in a private Ewing Community group.

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