If you're heading to the Philadelphia Flyers home opener tonight at the Wells Fargo Center, there are some things you need to know as the Flyers take on the Canucks.

First of all, the Wells Fargo Center has a new code of conduct for Flyers games. The main highlights are...

  • Listen to arena staff.
  • No racial or identity-based slurs.
  • Don't interfere with players and their performances.

This Code of Conduct doesn't just apply to Flyers games, but for every single sporting event that takes place at the Wells Fargo Center. That also includes The Philadelphia 76ers and the lacrosse team, the Philadelphia Wings.

Now, onto the NEW food that Wells Fargo Center is offering.

They even have wine pops at Claffey’s Frozen Popsicles and Seltzers. Yum!

Tons of options to choose from while you're attending a game at the Wells Fargo Center for sure. I would come hungry.

I have never visited the Wells Fargo Center for an event, but I have friends that have. They really like the venue overall.

I am not much of a hockey fan, my husband is a bigger one than I am for sure. He keeps mentioning that he wants to go to a hockey game.

I know he really wants to go, so maybe I'll go with him. I just need a warm shirt, food and alcohol. I definitely want to try those wine pops that the Wells Fargo Center has.

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