Coronavirus cases as well as corona virus deaths have been dropping dramatically and the amount of people that have been vaccinated against COVID-19 has gone up significantly. This summer is supposed to be one where events and gatherings should start happening again. However, that's not the case for the New Hope Independence Day Fireworks.

The Patch reports, the New Hope's Friday Night Lights On The River have been canceled for this year. Though many people are upset that this event isn't taking place, there are other fireworks happening close by like the fireworks at Sesame Place on July 4th.

At Sesame Place, you'll save 55% off admission for the Fourth of July Promotion they are running right now. So families can enjoy the park and attractions during the day and at night, fireworks will light up the sky at 9pm.

I would check with your local township or our website for more information about local fireworks happening in your area.

I feel like fireworks are one of those things that make people happy no matter what. I think I could be in the worst mood in the world and then see some fireworks and I feel much better.

We are lucky down where my Dad lives because they light off fireworks every 4th of July and we can watch them from our yards. We don't have to get in our cars and drive anywhere, we just sit right there in the yard while almost half our block shoot off a bunch of different one

Firework shows are also something that always draw a crowd, so I get why they had to be scaled back last year in the height of the pandemic. Now that people are vaccinated and COVID cases are going down, it's great to know that a longstanding tradition is coming back.

The world is going back to a somewhat normal state thanks to vaccines and restrictions that have been in place and I, for one am thrilled. This Fourth of July is going to be awesome!

Restaurants Participating in Burlington County's Restaurant Week

Burlington County Restaurant Week Kicks Off Today. There are 40 restaurants participating in this week long event and all have different food and drink specials going on. You don't need to cook dinner all week because there are all kinds of different restaurants to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

Below are the 40 restaurants that are participating in this week's event. This is the perfect time to visit a local restaurant, try their food and drinks and show some support.

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