I LOVE the annual New Hope Celebrates High Heel Race in New Hope, Pa. And, yes, I finally ran in the race this year.

I'll be back next year for sure!

Yes, I know you're dying to see video of me running in heels, so keep scrolling. 

Halloween weekend 2024 is still a FULL year away, but I want you to save the date on your calendar for my (new) favorite October event of the year... The New Hope Celebrates Annual High Heel Race.

New Hope Celebrates Annual High Heel Race Was a Ton of Fun

I've long heard about the annual high heel race held in New Hope, Pa. I've attended once as an observer, but never as a participant.

This year... I finally got to participate on Sunday (October 29).

The event, organized by the FABULOUS New Hope Celebrates, is typically held on the final Sunday of October.

Participants are required to 3" or taller heels. Participants are required to carry pumpkins up the hill on W. Mechanic Street. At the top of the hill, pumpkins are decorated into jack-o-lantern, and then we run back down the hill.

Yes, I did that. All of that...

Joe from 94.5 PST's Chris & the Crew Participates in the 2023 High Heel Race in New Hope

It was a bit rainy on Sunday so I was nervous when I saw how steep Mechanic Street truly was. But I put on my heel — which measured in at an impressive 3.75" — grabbed my pumpkin and I was ready.

Here's footage from the start of the race. I must say, I impressed myself with how strong I started out on the course:

My issue came at the top of the hill when I suddenly forgot how to draw a pumpkin with a marker. I feel like I really dropped the ball when I was decorating my jack-o-lantern.

Then the scariest part came... running downhill (on a wet day) in heels. But... I did it. Watch it here:

I'd like to note that I was most proud that I did not slip once, and both of my ankles remained intact on Sunday. By the way, I didn't even finish in last place!

The after-party at Havana on Main Street was a ton of fun too, by the way, with performances from local queens and more.

So mark your calendar for late October 2024 right now. I'll be there, and I hope to see you there.

New Hope Celebrates Is One of My Favorite Organizations in Bucks County, Pa

New Hope Celebrates is an organization near and dear to my heart. All of their programming highlights the beauty of the community in and around the New Hope area.

From their annual pride celebration every May to their October programming, it's an incredible organization.

The high-heel race is a community favorite as well, of course.

"This is an annual tradition for our community and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue presenting it and showcase the amazing community we live in”, said Melissa Patterson, President of New Hope Celebrates.

We can't wait for all the future events with New Hope Celebrates!

10 Reasons Why New Hope, PA's LGBTQ+ Pride Event is the BEST in the Country

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