I think by now you guys know that I love our area! I feel like the area we live in is literally the best in the country. Think about it. We get the best of every season! Think about how many other cities and states do not get to experience summer, fall, winter and spring. The only problem with that is that we literally get any kind of weather conditions, so when I read this I was not too surprised! New Jersey is among the top places in the country for tornadoes!

When I was younger  I had dreams of becoming a storm chaser. Little did I know I was going to take a completely different route where I would actually just read the weather from time to time. One of the reasons I didn’t go through with it is because we don’t live in the greatest place to get those crazy storms, or so I thought. According to pix11, there is one county  right here in New Jersey that is among the riskiest in the country. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) put together The National Risk Index, which is a tool that they use to come to this conclusion. 

The new tools calculate any natural hazard that happens around the country. To take things a little further,  it determines risk by reviewing a community’s expected annual loss based on hazard frequency, social vulnerability by measuring the susceptibility of impacted social groups, and community resilience, which measures the ability of a community to recover from the impacts of natural hazards, according to pix11’s website

Now when it comes to how exactly these are measures, it's not about how many times a county is hit with a storm, but how hard it got hit. Being that we are in the north east and we usually don’t get storms that are too bad, any big storm we do usually does some serious damage. Take Hurricane Sandy for example. I think the name Sandy alone still haunts people, and many places, like Seaside Heights, are still feeling the effects from the storm. 

So what county in Jersey am I talking about? The riskiest county for tornadoes in New Jersey is Hudson County and it is in the top 5 of that list! It doesn’t stop there. Philadelphia is also on this list! 



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