Karli K your foodie here. I think I mentioned a couple of times that I have been on the hunt for some good soul food. For whatever reason, it's a little hard to find good soul food out here. I recently tried out a place in Morrisville PA, and their food was absolutely delicious. But I am still looking for a place in Jersey, more specifically in Mercer County, but I think I found it! Tracey's Kitchen  in Trenton, New Jersey is hands down some of the best soul food I have ever had.

Yesterday, I had a pretty long day. After I left the station I had to rush to an appointment to try on a bridesmaid's dress for my best friend's wedding coming up this September. All I could think about was how hungry I was. I had not eaten anything all day and honestly nothing sounded appetizing. My friend Christina, who was with me to try on the dress, mentioned to me that she actually wanted some soul food. Of course I wasn't going to turn it down. In my head I was thinking where are we going?

Side note:  I want everybody to know right now that I will never turn down food.

She took me to Tracey's Kitchen in Trenton. Now, being  that I am from the area, it was super mind-boggling to me that I have never heard of this place before. My friend Christina lives all the way in Philly,  so I have no idea how she found out about this restaurant.



 My mind was blown as soon as I walked in. The menu is huge! I ordered a fried chicken platter, which comes with two sides. I chose mac and cheese and yams as my sides. Oh my goodness when I tell you this was literal sex in my mouth. I'm already planning my next trip to go back which is going to be this Saturday. I let my mom and my stepdad tasted as well and they said t it was absolutely amazing. Definitely a 10 out of 10! 


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