Come on Barbie, let's go party! ...In a New Jersey Barbie Dream House!

Barbie (2023), directed by Greta Gerwig is set to release in theaters July 21, and I simply cannot wait! It's undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the summer, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as "Barbie" and "Ken".

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Ever since the Barbie trailer dropped in May, it's caught the internet's imagination by storm... and now we've all be seeing PINK!

Leading up to the film's release, it seems like everyone is dreaming up what the Barbie world would look like in real life. Social media and the internet have seen a tidal wave of Barbie selfie filters, Barbie memes, Barbie Air BnB's and general Barbie imagery. Oh, the hype is real!

I came across an interesting BuzzFeed article that joined in on the Barbie bandwagon. A content creator managed to make a Barbie Dreamhouse for Each State, and the results are incredible. You should check out the New Jersey Dream house - it's a gorgeous Jersey Shore house.

So my brained whipped up a cute little mini fixation and I wondered: What would an A.I. Barbie Dream House for New Jersey look like?

I downloaded the "WOMBO Dream AI Art Generator" app in the Apple app store, and whipped a couple images up. Here's what it came up with...

New Jersey Barbie Dream House #1

WOMBO Dream Art
WOMBO Dream Art

So as we can see, A.I. decided to opt for a "Jersey Shore" aesthetic, since the whole country seems to think "Jersey Shore" is the state's entire personality. But if Barbie were to buy a New Jersey home, she'd totally go for the beach!

I asked A.I. to make me another one, with slightly adjusted wording. And it cooked up something even grander.

New Jersey Barbie Dream House #2

WOMBO Dream Art
WOMBO Dream Art

Ignore Kelly's warped face that looks like it's being sucked into a different dimension. This generated image took more of an interior/exterior approach with an backyard outdoor balcony and patio with a huge pool. This would easily be at least a million-dollar house if it went up on the market at any of the Jersey shores.

This was fun.

So what do you think? Did AI nail it?

The Barbie movie hits theaters July 21. 

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