Alright Jersey Shore goers, it’s time to listen up. There is one thing that absolutely aggravates me to no end when it comes to relaxing on the beach down the shore. Don’t get me wrong, the Jersey Shore is one of my favorite spots to be during the summer.

My friends and I pack up the car to head down for the weekend and we enjoy the beaches, the nightclubs, the boardwalks, and everything the Jersey Shore has to offer.

It’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re down the shore, but when you’re on the beach next to someone who does this obnoxious thing, it will really bring the vibe down. This is a public service announcement to everyone who decides to take a trip down the shore this summer.

Don’t. Feed. The. Seagulls.



I know it’s exciting to stop at Wawa in the morning and get yourself some yummy hoagies and snacks to munch on during your beach day but keep them to yourself.

It’s so aggravating when you’re sitting next to a group of people who think it will be so cute or think it will make a great TikTok to feed the seagulls when in reality, everyone else wants them at a 100-foot distance.

Even if you accidentally drop a Cheeto while sitting on the beach, please please please pick it up and put it somewhere. I can’t stand when you’re having a peaceful beach trip and it’s ruined by the birds who don’t understand personal space.

Make sure to keep everything in a zipped bag or cooler if you’re bringing food or these pesky little birds will for sure make themselves at home next to your beach chair. Rant, over!

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