We would like to assume that we are all free of sins but in reality, we really aren't. Sad, I know. Do you think you live in one of the most sinful states? Well, if you are living in the Garden State you actually are in one of the most sinful states.

According to Wallet Hub, in the state of New Jersey, there is a good amount of greed, vanity, and some jealousy. That doesn't sound too bad. That doesn't sound like something that should make the state of New Jersey a sinful state.

Wallet Hub did a survey in which New Jersey placed in the 11th spot as one of the most sinful states in the country. So? what makes New Jersey a very sinful state? Gambling issues.

The Garden State is tied in 3rd place as one of the states with the most population dealing with a gambling disorder. That is not good. I will say, I definitely enjoy some gambling here and there but I get very mad when I lose $100.

When it comes to crime and theft it seems like New Jersey is actually pretty safe. We learned from Wallet Hub that New Jersey takes one of the top 5 spots for the fewest violent crimes per capita and fewest theft per capita as well as the least amount of excessive drinking.

These are New Jersey Rankings according to Wallet Hub,

  • Highest Gambling Disorder - tied in the 3rd spot
  • Fewest Violent Crimes - 46th spot
  • Fewest Theft - 46th
  • Least Excessive Drinking - 48th

Pennsylvania lands in the 19th spot for most sinful states. So, with that being said, Pennsylvanians are a little sinful also.

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