Apparently, there’s a scam going around online (and via your phone) that will have you thinking you won the lottery.

Well, you probably didn't win the lottery. You'd know if you won. 

New Jersey Lottery officials say they’ve received reports about yet another scam making the rounds. They are cautioning residents to beware of any social media postings, emails or telephone calls from anyone promising lottery winnings, asking for money or offering to share money from Lottery prizes won.

You should never provide any personal or financial information over the phone or via social media. They NEVER require winners to pay a fee to obtain their prizes. Cash prizes are only awarded to players once an authentic, validated, winning New Jersey Lottery ticket is presented for claim.

You should NEVER provide your credit card number, personal banking information, passwords, transfer funds or cash, money orders or checks to anyone promising lottery winnings, lottery officials say.

Additionally, lottery players are encouraged to only buy lottery tickets from one of the more than 7,000 authorized New Jersey Lottery retailers throughout the State.

Lottery scams are nothing new, of course. So if you EVER have any questions, you can reach out to the lottery directly. You can always call their security office at 609-599-6100 for verification.

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