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Credit: Getty Images

Are you like me? Do you dream of winning the lottery? Sometimes when I hear how much the jackpots are, I start thinking about all the things I'[ll buy and how much I'll give to my family members and my favorite charities. I love watching My Lottery Dream Home, on TLC where a guy named David helps people find new houses when they win the lottery. My Dad always says if he wins, he's calling that guy to help us find our new big house.

According to their website, the New Jersey Lottery, announced to celebrate their 50th they would be selling lottery scratch offs that are 8 inches wide and 12 inches tall. So fun!

So I bet you're wondering, "how big are these new tickets?" Well, check out some pictures of lottery players holding them.


So get your hands on some tickets while you still can. They cost $10, you've got 50 chances to win, and the top prize is $500,000. If you don't win any money, at least you'll have an awesome Instagram photo with your ticket.

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