Barney Corrigan was working in the food industry as a caterer and once the pandemic started and there were restrictions put on indoor and outdoor gatherings, he found himself without work. Even though he was without work during this time, he decided to put up a shelf on his lawn and fill it up with food for members of his community to take if they needed it. The food pantry called "Barney's Place," invites residents to drop off food to his house to be put into his food pantry or he takes monetary donations as well through Venmo. Barney has received attention from his community members as well as multiple news outlets like 6ABC and Great job Barney! Keep it up!

Nothing makes me happier than when people show other people they don't even know some kindness. It can be giving someone your spare change when they ask for it especially if you will just throw the spare change in your car and never use it. It can be holding a door open for someone, or giving them your shopping cart, or letting someone who only has a few items in their grocery store cart go in front of you. Kindness should be shown a lot more in the world we live in. We also need more people like Barney Corrigan in this world. People who dedicate their time to helping others, especially during a pandemic are wonderful.

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