Do you hear mysterious creeks or blink twice at shadows in your New Jersey house? It might not be just your imagination.

Apparently, many of in the Garden State may have lived or BE living with uninvited guests.


According to new findings by Home Advisor, homes in New Jersey are not just quite haunted, but the MOST haunted of anywhere else in America!

This spooky season, Home Advisor got curious about the likelihood of someone in the United States purchasing a home that was haunted. So, they reportedly researched the following:

  • The number of homes for sale in each state.
  • The number of “haunted homes” where homes have reports of death, homicide, apparition sightings, and paranormal activity. 

The two pieces of criteria were compared, and when all was said and done, New Jersey was found to be at the top of the list of states for haunted homes!

Haunted House
Sean Nel/thinkstock

Based on the amount of homes on the market and homes deemed 'creepy', houses in the Garden State have just over a 30 percent probability of being haunted, Home Advisor reports.

The Top 5 States for Haunted Homes are:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Ohio
  3. New York
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Massachusetts 
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So, maybe there's something more to that bump in the night. Maybe it's an invisible roommate!


FYI, the state with the least amount of haunted homes is Idaho.

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