What is going on Jersey?! This is not the reputation we should want. First, we get the reputation as having the most unpleasant drivers, now this!

According to a new study conducted by Big 7 Travel, New Jersey is one of the least friendly states in the country. Out of the 50 states, New Jersey ranks 46th, just four spots ahead of New York which is dead last, according to Big 7 Travel.

The stigma surrounding our beloved state is that we are just flat right out rude. Apparently, we are known for our "in-your-face personalities." Now, I just moved here about 8 months ago, and I have encountered nothing but nice and welcoming people. So the fact that outsiders really consider New Jerseyans to be intimidating is so shocking.

We'll even pump your gas for you in Jersey. What other state is going to do that?

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