Maybe this is extremely wishful thinking, but I don't care.

I'd be remiss if I said any of this without acknowledging the fact that we have a ton of amazing restaurants and eateries in New Jersey. Whether it's a fancy Jersey Shore restaurant, or a cheesesteak joint around the corner.  We pretty much have everything you can think of - especially when it comes to fast food.

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But even given the wide and wonderful array of fast, fried, greasy, meaty, excellence we have to enjoy from fast food spots here in New Jersey, there's still one place I wish we had.

When I was in college, I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for two years. I have to be honest when I say that most of the things I experienced there is now a bit of a blur (I was a freshman/sophomore in college). But there's one thing in my mind that I can't seem to forget, even 11 years later.

Cook Out

Never heard of Cook Out? Neither had I. I had gone out with a guy native to North Carolina one night, and he was appalled that I'd never seen or heard of a Cook Out. I guess he'd already forgotten I was from New Jersey. Needless to say, he whisked us off to the nearest Cook Out post haste. I can't remember his face, but man do I remember that food! It was the perfect late-night food!

Cook Out is a North-Carolina based fast food joint known for food that literally reminds you of a cookout. A casual, but real one! Their menu includes BBQ sandwiches and trays complete with slaw, fries and hush puppies, char-grilled BBQ chicken breast sandwiches and strips, corndogs, french fries, hot dogs, quesadillas, BLT sandwiches, and over 30 milkshake flavors! But their famous for their homemade char-grilled hamburgers!

And one of the best parts is the affordability! You get a lot of food for not a lot of money!

They have over 300 locations across 11 states... but none in New Jersey. The closest one to us in in Maryland.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Do we need another fast food chain specializing in burgers in New Jersey? Probably not. But a girl can dream. It was SO good!

Have you ever been to a Cook Out before? Let me know if you agree with me or not in the comments!

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