One of the worst things someone can say to a person is that they smell. It's something no one wants to hear about themselves, their friends, their food...anything! When you think of places that smell you automatically think about a farm, a dump, or even a preschool classroom. But what about an entire state?

Well Zippa put together a list of the smelliest states in the country. It's no secret that Maryland should rightfully come out on top. As someone who was raised in the DMV, I can easily say that the air in Maryland is a smell like no other; and not in a good way. But as a whole, it seems that the majority of the smelly states come from the Northeast and south areas. And unfortunately, New Jersey is high on the list coming in at number 7.

So how was this list determined? What classifies a state as "smelly"? According to Zippa, some of the metrics include dirty air, trash, population density, and bad breath. There's no secret that New jersey has had a lot of construction going on, especially over the past year during Covid. Warehouses have been popping up all over the place causing terrible air pollution. According to Zippa, 0.0421% of the state is landfill. Which is more than any other state in the country.

Pennsylvania also made the top 10 unfortunately ranking in at number 9. The reason it ranks so high is solely on the trash alone. I mean have you seen Philly?


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