We often hear about New Jerseyans winning big on scratch-off lottery tickets. This time this local big winner was on national TV when he won over $250,000 in cash prizes. Inquirer.com reported that Michael Stouber from Freehold, NJ won all of that money on the TV show 'The Price is Right'.

If there was one game that I would love to play on 'The Price is Right' it would be Plinko and that is exactly where Michael Stouber won the big money. According to Inquirer.com, Stouber hit the $200,000 on the very first of four plinko chips. The other three plinko chips scored him an extra $2,000.

Stouber was the very first contestant of the day and hit big. One of the best parts was that Stouber had a t-shirt that read, “Plinko is my cardio." That automatically made him a winner in our opinion.

Inquirer.com also stated that Stouber became the TV show's biggest winner followed by Christen Freeman that won $213,876 back in October of 2016.

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