Elsie's Sandwich Shop in Haddon Township, New Jersey is getting national recognition for their unique twist on their sandwiches. The family-owned shop uses pickles as a substitute for bread.

In fact, the story about their sandwiches has gone viral. Elsie's, which is located 10 miles outside of Philadelphia, was recently featured on 6ABC Philadelphia and the TODAY show.

It's estimated the shop goes through over 300 kosher dill pickles a day. So that's over 2,000 a week.

Katherine Cohen came up with the concept with her husband, Chad Jordan, in 2015. The two began featuring their creation at pop-up events and with much success decided to make their "Pickle Sandwich" a full business.

Now let's talk about this for a minute: I love pickles as much as the other guy, but I am overwhelmed by this concept. It looks terribly difficult to eat, how do bite into it? Plus, I don't think my sandwich would be complete without bread. What's wrong with just having pickles on the side?

If you are gluten-free or just trying to cut out the carbs, check out this pickle delicacy. You'll probably want to get there early to avoid the lunch rush... especially now that they've been feaured on national TV.

Elsie's is open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m to 3 p.m.



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