A dynamic duo comprised of two sisters will be opening a franchise workout center, Burn Boot Camp Princeton, in March.  The two are both mothers who are passionate about staying happy and healthy.  This new business will be a vessel for them to share their love for staying in shape.

Sara Baran, a former mental health therapist, and her sister Danielle Butchko, who was a physician assistant, have always wanted to help improve people’s lives.  As kids, they would both help each other make their own lives better.

They chose to open with the franchise Burn Boot Camp after spending time at a location about 40 minutes from the Princeton area.  The community feel and child care options at this specific franchise peaked their interest immediately.

The sisters aim to recreate and continue Burn Boot Camp’s encouraging and uplifting community in their new location in Nassau Park Pavillion.  Different levels of membership will be offered, with trainers available to aid in members reaching their goals, as well as unlimited complimentary childcare for children ages 12 weeks to 12 years.