Temple alumni and New Jersey resident, Cody Calafiore, has just been crowned the winner of Big Brother All-Stars. Cody first played on the show in 2014 where he came in second place bringing home $50,000. Tonight, six years later, he is headed home to Jersey with the grand prize of $500,000.

Cody was born in raised right here in the Garden State. He started his college soccer career at Monmouth University before transferring to Temple University where he later graduated from. Cody is currently a soccer coach in Howell, NJ.

During his first season on Big Brother, Cody won the final Head of Household competition, giving him the opportunity of choosing who to sit next to in the final two. Despite being true to his loyalty by choosing his "Hit Men" teammate, Derrick, Cody lost by a 7-2 jury vote. This go-around, Cody was very open about how putting loyalty over strategic gameplay lost him the half a million dollars his first season. After winning the final Head of Household competition, yet again, Cody was confronted with the difficult decision yet again. In tears, Cody chose to sit next to Enzo in the final two.

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By a vote of 9-0, Cody has won Big Brother 22: All-Stars 2!

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The jury members questioned the final two on their gameplay before voting for who they thought deserved the first place prize. With a unanimous vote of 9-0, Cody finally won his well-deserved first-place prize. Host, Julie Chen Moonves, announced that this is only the second time in Big Brother history that a unanimous jury vote has ever been cast on finale night.

A big congratulations to New Jersey's own Cody Calafiore on winning Big Brother All-Stars. Let's grab beers together when you get back to Jersey so you can give me some Big Brother tips.

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