Ok, New Jersey Transit commuters, do you want the good news or the bad news? I'll give you the good news first. Track improvement is underway at the Princeton Junction and Hamilton stations, according to Princeton Planet.

The bad news? Well, you NJ Transit travelers are unfortunately used to this. There may be delays, and longer stops at the stations. Oh boy. The work will be going on through Monday, March 2nd. Track 4 will be completely out of commission. There are special, extended platforms to board westbound trains on alternate tracks.

Doesn't sound like this will be easy for disabled passengers. The article says, "Passengers using the westbound platforms will be required to use low-level platforms. When this occurs, these stations will not be ADA accessible. Passengers requiring such accessibility will have to pass their destinations, and then transfer to another train heading in the direction they just came from in order to be able to exit the station at their desired stops."

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