Attention Princeton commuters. New Jersey Transit has announced that the Princeton Branch Rail Service (The Dinky) is suspended this morning (Monday, September 16th), according to The Patch.

Like Monday mornings aren't bad enough, now, this could throw off your commute. The reason it's suspended kind of made me giggle a little bit. There's no one to drive the train. Lol. Yup, service has been suspended "due to engineer availability," NJ Transit said as of 5am this morning.

But, don't worry, if you regularly take the Dinky train, help is on the way. AS a substitute, you'll be able to take a bus instead, and yes, your ticket will be honored.

Apparently, the same thing happened for part of the day yesterday.

The Dinky commuter train runs between two Princeton New Jersey Transit stops. It goes from the station right by McCarter Theater, to the Princeton Junction station, and then, back again.

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