New Jersey Transit would like the chance to test out mini buses to help you with your commute, according to, oh, and did I mention, they will be self driving buses.

Yikes. I'm not sure about self driving buses. Lol. NJ Transit has applied for an almost million dollar grant that would allow for these autopilot shuttle buses to be tested over a few years.

One of my first thoughts was where are they testing these buses, because I'll stay far away from there. Lol. But, the article says the testing will be on "a closed 40-acre test course in Fort Monmouth. The former Army base has internal streets and a road network that are similar to residential streets and boulevards." Ok, phew.

These mini buses will hold 15 commuters, go up to 15 mph, and possibly be able to take you from the train or bus station to your home. Interesting...instead of parking, you would just be let off.

Kevin Corbett, New Jersey Transit's CEO and president said in a statement, "Our customers are clearly looking for ‘first mile, last mile’ options, and that’s what this pilot program is all about – exploring options for our customers, and studying the benefits and challenges of this rapidly-advancing technology in real-world scenarios."

NJ Transit is hoping for a decision on this grant later on this year. For more details, click here.

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