New Jersey’s “Move Over” law that requires drivers to move over or otherwise slow down for stopped emergency vehicles is being upgraded from a fine, to a penalty of 2 points off of a drivers license. reports a unanimous vote of 73-0 for the passage of the bill that would penalized drivers with 2 points for a 3rd violation. This includes redirection from emergency vehicles, constriction, and tow trucks. Fines are ranging from 100-500 dollars. Ouch.

Many other states have similar laws on the books, but New Jersey has taken this step to ensure the safety of workers on our roadways. Failing to abide by the law has caused car accidents with police vehicles, as well caused the death of State Trooper Marc Castellano.

“Changes were needed because dangers still exist of those who work on our roads,” said Deputy Majority Leader Eric Houghtaling.

Please, when driving Slow Down and Move Over. Your destination is not worth risking your life or the lives of others. Be smart, drive safe!

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