If you are like me that gives up on New Year's resolutions very quick you will let go of the "health freak" resolution after just a few days. But that will actually not be a problem because you will be able to try food from a new restaurant in Bucks County very soon.

No, but seriously, you will be able to try some new food from a new restaurant coming to Newtown this February.

According to Patch.com, Bomba Taco + Bar is coming to Newtown next month.

La Isla del Encanto is coming to Newtown, Bucks County. The Puerto Rican vibes will be a big part of the new Bomba Taco + Bar in Newtown.

Patch.com stated that "Puerto Rican music and dance genre” will be found at Bomb Taco + Bar as “the casual restaurant promises a vibrant atmosphere and a good time.”

On the Bomba Taco + Bar website, it is stated that the new restaurant will be located at the Village in Newtown.

We learned from the Bomba Taco + Bar website that there will be a happy hour Sangria for $6, Margarita Carafes for $20, and Margaritas for $6.

Another thing you may want to know about Bomba Taco + Bar is that they are currently hiring. On bombatacos.com it is shared that they are currently hiring. "We are currently HIRING ALL positions and would love for you to start NOW!!"

If you care to know the meaning of bomba in Puerto Rico we did a little research and it "is both a traditional dance and musical style of Puerto Rico," according to Wikipedia. Bomba also translates to bomb. We are sure you will find bomb food there.

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