There are new and exciting additions coming soon to Menlo Park Mall in Edison, with some opening very soon, according to mall officials.

New York Fries

New York Fries will be opening within the next week (February 2024). It will be located in the upper level of the mall, in the Dining Pavilion, next to Charley's Philly Steaks.

As the name suggest it's all about French fries. There are all-beef hot dogs too.

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The fries are freshly cut from the best Idaho potatoes. Dip them or top them in one or more of the many dips and sauces.

The fries are gluten free and vegan.

The poutine and loaded fries are very popular.

 Ramen Ya

Ramen Ya will be opening in the spring. It's a Japanese Ramen eatery that's perfected authentic Japanese Ramen that Americans love. This comes to Menlo Park Mall from the operator of PORA Foods at American Dream Mall.


Menlo Park Nails

Menlo Park Nails will be opening in the spring on the lower level between Time Out and the Apple Store. Talk about convenience...get your nails done during a shopping trip at the mall.

Woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure by a beautician


Lululemon is so trendy right now. With a great selection of activewear and accessories for teens, men and women, it is sure to attract a crowd. It will be opening in late spring.


Saladworks will be opening in early summer. Their slogan is "Making salads since before they were cool." Now they have wraps with all fresh ingredients and they look really good.


UNTuckit will be opening this summer. They make shirts that look the best untucked. I love it. This is right up my alley because I don't like to tuck in any of my shirts, but I still want them to look good. They have shirts for all shapes and sizes. Check them out online by clicking here.

There are even more stores on the way. I'll keep you posted.

To check out all the exciting shops & restaurants in Menlo Park Mall click here.

Menlo Park Mall is located at 55 Parsonage Road in Edison, NJ

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