It’s no secret that the people of Mercer County, NJ are dying for the Quaker Bridge Mall to get some new stores added to their list.

Personally, I think the mall has a bunch of the staple stores that we would need and then some, but of course, I could dream a little and wish for some others I’d love to shop at.


It’s true that some of the stores resemble each other too much and there is plenty of room for some variety, but overall I think the mall has a lot of its bases covered.

I remember when I was younger we used to have a bunch of fun stores like the Disney Store which I miss! When they got rid of the Disney Store and made it into Victoria’s Secret, I felt like my childhood just got up and left with it!

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People are always online talking about the stores they would love to add to the mall, so I put up a poll to get the conversation going. A lot of people responded and the list we all made for a new roster of stores would totally take this mall to the next level.


The Quaker Bridge Mall is such a staple in the county and is probably one of the only experiences every person shares. A ton of stores have come and gone inside of the mall, some for the better and some for the worst, but hopefully this list gets to the right person and we can see some of our ideas come to life!

This is the list of stores we need that would elevate the Quaker Bridge Mall.


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