Much like Aldi, Lidl (rhymes with "needle") is a German-based supermarket that has been popular in Europe for years but is just now entering the U.S. market.

Lidl's U.S. expansion includes a brand new store on Rt. 38 in Cherry Hill, NJ.

According to the company's website, Lidl offers "carefully curated selections (of items) that are top-quality and best-prices."  In addition, Lidl says about 90% of what they offer comes from their own "private label."

The layout of every Lidl store is the same by design.  That way, a customer can walk into any location and instantly know where to find what they're looking for.  Plus, like Aldi, Lidl has a "bring your own bag" policy.


Lidl sells more than just food.  A current ad on their website features a ladies' long knit cardigan for $12.99, a cast-iron roaster for $24.99, and a men's hoodie for $9.99.  Other categories include toys and tools.

There are 2 more Lidl stores coming to our area.  One will be located in Lawrenceville and another in Burlington Twp.



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