If you're a very traditional person, you're going to totally hate this new wedding trend! If you're non-traditional, you're going to love it! Vogue Magazine says that newlyweds are combining their surnames to create an entirely new one! So instead of taking your husband or wife's last name, or hyphenating it, you'll just combine them!

Confused? Well, let's use a few newly engaged Hollywood couples as examples!
1. Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra- Jonas + Chopra = Jopra or Chopas
2. Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin- Bieber + Baldwin =Biebwin or Balder

I know my fiance would not be on board with this! Since the very beginning of our relationship, he always talked about me taking his last name. I'll deifnitely cry when I change my maiden name to his last name, but hey, we're getting married and are both traditional!

But I can see a lot of non-traditional couples jumping on board with this new trend! It does shout EQUALS!

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