Talk about luck! A man from Newark New Jersey just won the lottery for the second time! Freddie Robinson became a millionaire in 2017 after he won $2,000,000 on a $20 Platinum Diamond Spectacular Scratch-Off. Now two years later, he is a winner again!

The first time he won, he actually read his ticket incorrectly.“After scratching it, I said, I just won $200,00 and dropped the ticket on the floor,” Robinson said. His brother picked up the ticket and they both realized it was actually worth 2 million. This go-round things were a little different.

Robinson is a frequent player of the New Jersey Lottery Scratch-Off, and after no having much luck lately he decided to switch things up and buy several games he doesn't usually play. Th e first  few were only worth a couple bucks, but the final ticket ended up being worth $250,000!!

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