It is great seeing all the positive vibes being spread throughout our communities. recently reported that a Bucks County librarian started a great trend for the neighborhood.

According to, librarian, Elizabeth Griswold, created a "Story Stroll" on her corner property in a neighborhood called Woods of Saxony in Newtown. Griswold mentioned to Bucks Local News, she came up with the idea after driving by her neighborhood and seeing chalk pictures on the ground. She decided that she could use her lot to bring some joy to the community.

It was mentioned on Bucks Local News that the librarian has had extreme success with her Story Stroll since the day she brought to life the idea on her property. The story share on Story Stroll is “What Does Bunny See?", perfect for Easter time. Families have enjoyed it so much that they have gone through the Story Stroll multiple times.

Elizabeth Griswold told Bucks Local News, "There is still some joy to spread. And if just doing this helps a little, I’m happy to do it.”

Let's all bring positive vibes during these tough times.

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