I don't know about you, but I  wish I could travel to California or Florida right now to enjoy a nice getaway. But, right now, if we were to do that we would have to self-quarantine for about 14 days. Now that's no fun.

I was wondering the other day what about sports teams that come to New Jersey. Do they have to self-quarantine? As of now, it is not looking like they will have to do that. According to NJ.com, the governor of the state of New Jersey has mentioned that it should not be a big problem for professional sports athletes to come in and out of the state. We learned from Nj.com that Governor Murphy does want some strict guidelines to be followed by the athletes and the professional sports leagues.

We are sure that the professional athletes and staff members of the teams will be getting tested a little more often if they will be traveling a lot. Governor Murphy told NJ.com that he is pretty sure that if any athletes have tested positive that he trusts that they will not travel with the teams.

Many people will probably be bothered by this because why is it that these players don't have to quarantine but everyone else does?  Honestly, I don't blame them for being bothered by that. I want to go on vacation also and not have to worry about having to quarantine for 14 days.

NJ.com also stated that the NFL will be working with the New Jersey Department of Public Health to make the final decision if fans will be allowed to attend live football games.

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