When Chris heard from Nick, he mentioned that his family can be a little overbearing. He is, however, looking for someone to date. In fact, he told us that his mom, aunts, and extended family sometimes scare away his dates.

As Tiffany joked on-air, it sort of reminded us of how Vinny from Jersey Shore is always seeking his mom's approval.

Nick is quite busy with work. By the way, he works in the family business (a pizzeria and restaurant). But he sounds like a great guy.

So Chris hoped that she could find him a girl who would handle his big Italian family. She introduced us to Terry on-air this morning.

Terry is 28. She works as a massage therapist at a local spa. She is one five siblings (from a big Italian family) too. In fact, she actually lives in an apartment with one of her sisters. So she's pretty close with her relatives.

How will it work out? Well, they're headed out this weekend. We'll find out on Monday how it went down.

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