If you're missing the glow of holiday lights, there's an exhibit at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township that you'd love. It's called Night Forms: dreamloop by Klip Collective, and it's going on until February 27th.

It's an outdoor exhibit that's sure to wow you. Many of my friends visited over the holidays (the exhibit has been at Grounds for Sculpture since November 26th) and posted the most amazing pictures on social media.


You know I have FOMO (Fear of missing out) so, I went to Ground for Sculpture's website to check out the details, so I could plan an outing to see it too.

You'll walk along a beautifully lit, tree-lined path, which is really cool because you normal don't explore Grounds for Sculpture at night.

I won't do it justice....here's how Night Forms is described:

" A glow through the trees, a glimpse of light and a sound you don't recognize. Beckoning you forward...

Night Forms: dreamloop by Klip Collective is an after-hours multi-sensory experience created between art and nature. An ambient phenomenon to delight the senses, turn strangers into playful cohorts, and provide a unique, unforgettable experience. Night forms is a unique synthesis of video projection, light and sound as a bridge between technology and storytelling. Digital projection mapping is designed to create a dialog with sculptures in the collection, offering new perspectives and turning the act of viewing into an immersive event. Sculptures shrouded in the winter landscape become beacons to remembering a long forgotten ritual."

Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

For more details, click here. There are dinner packages to go along with the exhibit too.

If you're looking for something fun to do tonight, bundle up and go. It's open.

Grab tickets here.

Grounds for Sculpture is located at 80 Sculptors Way in Hamilton Township (Mercer County).

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