It's been a rough morning for Amazon Fulfillment warehouse employees in Robbinsville, as some have been hospitalized following an incident at the facility.

Bear repellent fell off a shelf at the Robbinsville, NJ warehouse, according to reports. The repellent accidentally discharged, which left many feeling ill from the fumes.

Reports say that the incident took place on the third floor of the warehouse, where about 80 employees were evacuated just before 9 a.m. About twenty employees were hospitalized as a result of the accident.

They have complained they were having difficulty breathing. Plus, they reported a burning sensation in their throats and eyes. and burning in the throat and eyes.

The Robbinsville Fire Department tweeted that they dispatched 7 ambulances and a medic to the scene and so far twenty people have been taking in for further treatment.

The area of the release was isolated and operations continued normally in the rest of the facility.

Amazon sells several types of bear repellent on its website. The product typically contains high doses of pepper spray and is used to ward off aggressive or charging bears.

The Robbinsville fulfillment center operates 24 hours a day and during the Christmas holiday season, and employs more than 4,000 workers.

A spokeswoman for Amazon has not yet returned a call from Townsqure Media.

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