Being called a basic person can be a little offensive depending on who is telling you that you are "basic." Being real though, if you say "like" a bunch of times in a sentence, You Are Basic. If you walk around taking pictures of your pumpkin spiced coffee or any holiday drink and post it on your social media story, You Are Basic.

Being "basic" is probably a fun lifestyle. We can easily say that one way or another we all have a little "basic" in us and that is okay.

According to a survey created by, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are two of the most "basic" states in the country. Can you believe that? Joy Bird did some major research and found out what was "The Top Searched ‘Basic’ Item" in every state. For both New Jersey and Pennsylvania most searched thing was FRIENDS. Yes, the TV show.

It was stated on Joy Bird that New Jersey had one of the highest search volumes for the list of “basic” things.

We learned that Joy Bird based the "basic" survey on some of the most basic things searched online. The sitcom FRIENDS  was the topic that had the most states searching for it, with a total of 10 states. Billie Eilish, Lilly Pulitzer, and scrunchies were tied for the 2nd most searched thing with 3 states each.

As we all know people that are from either New Jersey or Pennsylvania can turn everything that is negative into a positive thing one way or another. Now if you get called basic smile and be proud of it. #TheBasicLifeIsTheBestLife

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