CentralJersey.com reports New Jersey native and former Rutgers University football player, Eric LeGrand is going to open up his own coffee shop in Woodbridge. This is the first business venture for Eric and he's very excited about it. Being that Eric is in a wheelchair, he wants to make sure that his new coffee shop will be catered to people in wheelchairs. Eric wants the coffee shop to have a good vibe and feel very warm and inviting. Eric just tried coffee for the first time before not too long ago and loved it. He is excited to bring a coffee shop to Woodbridge in 2021 in his hometown.

Back in 2010, Eric LeGrand who at the time was a defensive tackle for the Rutgers University football team, became paralyzed after making a tackle. This was a devastating day for the entire state and college football as well. The outpour of support for Eric, who's number was 52 when he played, was beautiful, but our hearts ached for Eric because he wouldn't play football again and at that time, no one knew if he'd ever walk again, either. Since his injury, Eric has regained some movement throughout his body and has dedicated his time to be a wonderful inspiration with his foundation Team LeGrand. Wishing him all the success in his new business venture and I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but I think I will go to Woodbridge and see if they have some tea or maybe a cafe latte just to support LeGrand Coffee House.

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