You would think there are more pressing matters for the New Jersey State Police to focus their attention on... like drugs, violence, or even someone going 6 miles per hour over the speed limit.. but let's talk about what really matters. Who stole the M&M displays from a Kidz Bop Concert, and why can't I help but be a little proud of them?

The NJ State Police put out a APB- asking the public to contact Sergeant James Glass at 732-441-4500 ext 7207 with any information you might have on the suspect. "Though it's hard to resist grabbing a handful of these delicious treats from a candy bowl, it shouldn't be hard to resist stealing their displays--no matter how cool they may look." State Police posted to Facebook, "There were no signs of melted chocolate at the scene, so we're fairly certain they didn't melt. And no, they didn't quit and walk off the job," they joked.

I realize this is a serious crime (I think)... I just can't help but  tip my hat to whoever was brave enough to steal two large  M&M displays from a children's concert. I'm really hoping a mastermind 6 year old was orchestrating the crime. A 3-foot M& M display is sure to make any room in the house pop.




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