It looks like $700 million in brand new train cars are coming to the New Jersey Transit Tracks. However it might take a few years until you actually get to ride them.

But how exactly does this $700 million upgrade benefit riders?

Well, for starters the brand new multi-level cars will help overcrowding. The new trains which will replace 40+ year old cars will help prevent delays due to breakdowns caused by the equipment just being too old. According to, "Federal data said that NJ Transit trains had the second highest breakdown rate in the nation last year."

What exactly are we getting in exchange for all this money, says, "NJ Transit gets 58 multli-level power cars, capable of propelling a train without a locomotive, 33 cab cars, 16 non-powered trailer cars and six restroom equipped cars."

So now the question is, what's happening with the old single-level cars. Retirement. Yep, I think they've served their time.

Read more about it here.

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