NJ Transit has launched a new program according to their website. This program will allow those who would like to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, but have no way of getting there to have a free ride through NJ Transit. Passengers can choose between the bus, light rail or train depending on when they are getting their actual vaccine.

First, those who want to get the vaccine, must find an actual vaccine appointment. After that, they must look at the map to see if their vaccine site is serviced by NJ Transit busses, light rail or trains. They do suggest downloading the NJ Transit App and keep checking back for updates. There are step by step instructions to check out here.

Below is when NJ Transit made the big announcement.

I believe the more people get vaccinated, the quicker we will get back to a more normal life. Studies have shown that because people were wearing masks all winter, washing their hands vigorously and keeping their distance from others that the flu season didn't really exist at all. I have to say my family and I have not been sick in over a year. I believe that masks, washing hands and keeping distance have helped us keep COVID cases down and as soon as talks of the vaccine started, I was super excited to learn more. Once my husband and I did our research, we were on board and we hope that more of the country do as well. That way, we can get back to a somewhat normal life. I know some people would like to get the vaccine, but may not have a way of getting there and instead of paying for an Uber, it's nice that NJ Transit has put together this program to help more people get vaccinated. Hopefully our lives will go back to normal soon.

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