The NJ Transit announced extended waits next weekend after the BTS concert at MetLife.

This warning is truly appreciated.

The transit system says the want to avoid what happened at WrestleMania not to long ago when fans were left stranded in the rain after the event ended.

The BTS Army (what BTS' fans call themselves) are going to be coming in great numbers for both Saturday and Sunday shows this weekend so NJ Transit is making sure they are prepared and ready to get you where you need to go when the show lets out.

Of course because these fans come in great numbers, the wait for a ride may take some time. NJ Transit warns that it could be up to a 2 hour wait.

"The rail line can only move 7,500 people an hour and because of the volume of people immediately leaving the show, there will be wait times for both buses and trains to the Secaucus train station," says the NJ Transit via

Prepare yourself!



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