According to, a New Jersey woman was scammed by someone who pretended to be a member of New Kids on the Block. says that Cynthia Salvadore of Mansfield received a phone call from someone who said they were Jordan Knight of NKOTB.  The person posing as Knight told Salvadore that he wanted to send her a check for $2,700.  He asked that when she received the check, she should cash it and send $2,000 to Nigeria.  The remaining $700 were to be spent on gift cards.

New Kids On The Block In Concert - Las Vegas, NV
Jordan Knight/Credit: Getty ImagesPhone
loading... says that Hacketstown Police got involved when the business that cashed the check contacted them.  After an investigation, police determined that Salvadore had been scammed.  She was charged with "third-degree cashing a bad check and possession of a forged check."

A Google search for "NKOTB scam" did not reveal any other reports of this particular scam, but in 2018, the real Jordan Knight did post the following warning on Twitter...



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