New Jersey is home to so many different cities, boroughs, townships, and other municipalities of all different shapes and sizes. I love that just by living in New Jersey you can experience so many different ways of life.

You can either live in a small suburb, live in a big city, build a house in the countryside, or live peacefully in a little beach town. No matter what path you decide to go down, you can do it right here in New Jersey!

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If you’re huge into the city life vibe, you don’t have to go into Philadelphia or New York City to get that amazing city vibe you’re looking for.

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New Jersey is full of a bunch of cities, big and small for you to call home. If you find yourself loving small towns and want to stay true to that, there is one town specifically in New Jersey that may be right up your alley.

One city in The Garden State is not like the rest because it is undoubtedly the smallest city in New Jersey. Corbin City is New Jersey’s smallest city in regards to population.

What Is New Jersey's Least Populated City?

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Google Maps

Located in Atlantic County in South Jersey, Corbin City has under 500 residents as of 2020. According to Wikipedia, just about 4 years ago there were roughly only 471 residents living in Corbin City, making it New Jersey’s least populated city.

It seems as though a lot of New Jersey residents were not into the idea of moving to this tiny city in Atlantic County, but if you’re a fan of small-town vibes, this is for sure an area to check out.

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