Ladies and gentlemen, your ultimate cheat meal is here!

Can you image a red velvet pizza topped with Fruity Pebbles? How about a chocolate chip cookie dough pie topped with frosting and sprinkles? Or a Cinnamon Toast Crunch stuffed crust pizza topped with caramel Nutella cookie dough!?

All of that sounds like insanity, but it's from this place that combines the best of both worlds: Pizza and dessert! And these sweet pizzas are like desserts on steroids.

Brother Bruno's Pizza, Deli and Bagels in Wayne NJ, just made the list of The Most Legendary Desserts in Each State by Eat This, Not That:

This family-owned pizzeria in New Jersey makes a sweet pizza pie so popular you can order it nationwide. Pick your topping—red velvet and s'mores are both favorites—and get this indulgent treat delivered to your home if you can't swing by and pick it up.

They really should add "and wild desserts" to their name, because they've made our craziest, sweetest, most indulgent fantasies come true with their criminally delicious-looking dessert pizzas!

This pizza has birthday cake stuffed crust topped with "Cookie Monster". I think I got a  cavity just looking at this!

You're truly only limited by your imagination with these pizzas since you can mix and match your "crust", sauces and toppings. And as if these insane concoctions weren't enough, they also have normal pizza mastered too! You can check out their full menu HERE. They also ship nationwide!

Have you ever been to Brother Bruno? If you've had one of these impossibly decadent dessert pizzas you've gotta let us know how you like it! Let us know!

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