This is great news if you ever need to find street parking in Philadelphia. You can now pay for it on your mobile phone... because it's 2018.

Remember the days when you had to run back to your car because you had only a few minutes left to put quarters in the parking meter? Yeah, it was always such a stressful run. At times, you would even be a little too late and there would already be a “parking ticket evil human” telling you, "I already started the process and can't cancel the ticket."  That was all bogus. Your wallet would be hurting and your day would be ruined. Well, we have good news for you. Those days are over, well, at least in Philadelphia they are.

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Credit: Tim Boyle

It's been a few years since the launch of the 'MeterUp' app and when it first released it had very limited options for paying your parking meter with your mobile phone. Now, the Philadelphia Parking Authority has officially announced that the app can be used to add time to your parking meter from anywhere in the City of Brotherly Love. Close to 1,000 kiosks and around 8,000 coin meters will have access to be operated with the app. NICE!!!

The beautiful part of the 'MeterUp' app is that it actually allows you to stop the time early. It was the most annoying thing ever knowing that you still had time left on your meter and you couldn't get your change back.

The struggle was real with the parking meters. Sometimes you didn't have enough change and no store in the area had change for your singles, but now it will be stress-free!

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