Remember when there was a White Claw shortage and nationwide people were bummed because they couldn't find their favorite drink anywhere? What a sad time.

Well, guess what? You can now find the beloved drink at your nearby Trader Joe's. The store already has a bunch of great frozen meals at a reasonable price. Now you can grab some White Claws to go along with your dinner, all in one stop.

According to, Trader Joe's sells the variety flavor 12 pack of White Claws. The price on the Instagram post from @TraderJoesGang shows that the hard seltzers are a little pricier than some other stores that sell them. The caption on the IG post mentioned, "I found them to be $1-$2 more expensive than other grocery stores, but I’m still excited about it."

Many people have mentioned that White Claws are a summer drink. Well, at least you know where to find them when the weather starts to get better. Trader Joe's is not new to the alcohol business. They have different beers and wines for you to get if you are not about the White Claw lifestyle.

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