Wait a second there!!! Are we skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas on November 1st? Honestly, it really isn't a bad idea.

Think about it . . . What do you benefit out of Thanksgiving? Gaining weight from all the food you ate is really not a good thing. You should get in the Christmas spirit once November is here. Ok, ok, ok...maybe you should give Thanksgiving the time of day.

Shouldn't you be thankful every single day though?

Immigrant Families Celebrate Thanksgiving In Connecticut
Credit: John Moore

Many people shouldn't try skipping thanksgiving though. It’s a special day when Pilgrims thanked Native Americans for all they did for them. And the best part... after Thanksgiving is Black Friday!!!

Don't you dare skip to Christmas right after Halloween. Don't you understand we wouldn't be able to save on gifts without Black Friday and that only happens after Thanksgiving. So, don't skip that amazing holiday.

On a serious note..Do not skip over Thanksgiving. Appreciate what you have in life and be grateful! :)

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